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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Faith for the Faithless: D&D Beyond

Greetings denizens of the inter-webs!  It is I, Otto von Quarzis, the Prophet.  In a soon to be ongoing series, I provide faith for the faithless masses that do not yet know the Known Truth.1  In this installment, I point ye to the Wizards of the Coast™ website, where they have just announced D&D Beyond, an upcoming set of webtools for the only true role-playing game in existence, D&D 5e.

This is exciting news, and for the faithless heathens out there - furtherance of the Known Truth.  I hope you shall all now pay your penance and embrace our cause.  We will provide further Faith for the Faithless on this subject, as more information becomes available.2

1  What? the what?! Words escape me.   

2 I can't even... bartender... bourbon. neat. stat!

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