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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Faith for the Faithless: Classic Adventures Come to 5E

Behold! The greatness of D&D 5e gains yet even more awesomeness!  As first¹ reported at Enworld, Goodman Games is partnering with WotC² to release a number of classic modules with Fifth Edition conversions.  This is after already releasing the new Tales from the Yawning Portal, which contains seven classic adventures updated to 5e (including Tomb of Horrors!! Woot!).

This is amazing news for those who know the Known Truth.  The adventures that have been re-released under 5e rules have been classics for good reasons.  Keep on the Border Lands is a fantastic module, and bringing it to 5e will allow a new generation to experience it.  I hope this is a trend that continues, as some of the greats gain new life under the one true role-playing game.  It also is an easy way to introduce the new generation(s) to some of the classics.  Finally, they might be able to get some of our inside jokes (I've given up on trying to get theirs).

Also, I can't wait until I get my copy of Tales from the Yawning Portal - as I would love to run Tomb of Horrors... but trying to get the balance just right... I'll take the official conversion.

Until next time - remember, D&D 5E - the Known Truth - believe!! Or perish in the fires of diceless!

1 Yeah, von Quarzis isn't so much for the whole "research" thing, so because he stumbled across it at Enworld... it's first for him.

2 Yeah, it's strange.  He went with the full Wizards of the Coast in previous posts. He's grammatically changeable like that.


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