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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This is the first, last and only thing I will say about the subject of politics.  Please keep politics out of the gaming community - unless it is specifically about some organization/government/etc. trying to restrict our rights as gamers (like passing laws saying you have to be 21 to play D&D... that would be completely legit topic for a gaming blog).

I get it - you all have very deep held convictions and opinions.  I am happy for you.  It makes you a good person.  I'm not saying you're wrong, or that you shouldn't have the views you have.  I am just saying - it has no place in the gaming community.

I'm going to use a very simple example of what I'm talking about.  I, unabashedly, think Wil Wheaton is awesome.  I am a proud backer of TableTop Season 3.  I loved him in Eureka. I think he is hilarious, a great actor, and a damn fine human being. His slogan "don't be a dick" resonates with me.  I would love to follow his various social media outlets... but, there comes a time when I have to say... enough is enough.  Don't get me wrong, I think he has very valid beliefs and agree with many things he says.  It is just - I don't want to be lectured - especially by someone who has absolutely no qualifications to be lecturing about certain things.  Being a celebrity (or a "blogger") does not qualify you as an expert. It is one thing to use your celebrity-ness to push your agenda - it is another thing to bring it into a community and push it on people.

Gaming to me has always been about gaming. I love bashing the neo-fascists that want to shut down role-playing games.  That is of direct concern to the community.  However, since when do I have to deal with extremely diverse, difficult and frankly "gray area" topics such as religion, gender, sexuality, race, etc. to indulge in my hobby.  I am a gamer - I want to read, listen to, and watch gamer related topics. I do not want to be bombarded by whatever is the political fad of the moment.  Global warming? Yup, you're right... it is probably going to kill us in 10 years.  Guess what? I will go read actual scientific sites that discuss it - I don't need to read a gaming blog's half baked interpretation of the data on global warming.  I happen to agree global warming is a problem - but reading just pure dribble about it from someone as qualified as I am to speak about it?  Nope, sorry... at least categorize your posts/ramblings so I can hit ignore.

The fact is the political/social landscape is extremely diverse and nuanced.  People who make blanket statements - usually (see I am qualifying here) are pushing an agenda based on their own values and preconceived notions.  Frankly, I don't believe this has any place in "gaming".  Leave the social and political discussions for other arenas.  We are already a bit of a disjointed un-organized "group" as it is.  Fragmentation along political/social lines serves no purpose but to give ammunition for those who would truly destroy us.

As a gaming community, we should focus on GAMES and GAMING.  Leave the other stuff to those groups (which you may well belong to, as well as being a gamer) that focus on those issues.  As I don't want to be called out as a hypocrite for this post, I am totally tagging it "Political Rant".  Thank you,  Leave your hate mail below.  #GamerBackLash

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