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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why RPGs?? Answer: The Community!

Why role-playing games?  That is the question I get from the "norms" as I like to call them.  My wife is a case in point.  "Why do you play those games? What the hell..."  Typical conversation in my household. So, to answer her question... "why?"

The answer ultimately is the community.  No where - and I mean NO WHERE! will you find a community as inclusive, as excepting, and as freaking awesome as the gaming community. Now, I'm not talking about the xbox generation - I'm talking RPGers.  We like out first person shooters... well enough... but where we shine is in delving into the intricacies of [insert game here.]

So, I am blessed - I have a fantastic group I game on a regular basis with.  Always have - one of the key GMs of my group has been my GM for 20+ years (probably longer... but, uhh... I plead the 5th on age).  This group rocks! Seriously, I have been to cons, I have played in foreign lands (I'm talking about you California) - nothing holds a candle to my boys in the Hudson Valley.

But, you know what - gamers from around the world... are pretty damn cool.  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a "live un-boxing" of D&D 5e starter set.  +Alex Mayo was doing an un-boxing (btw... he had the freak'n thing in his possession for over 3 hours and waited to unveil it so his surprise would be genuine... this guy is a trooper!) and I happened upon his post.  Fortune has a strange way of asserting itself.

So, I am STILL waiting for mine.  But, there was no way in hell I was going to miss this.  My friend Cheeseburger +Jay had already posted he received his (I think there is a conspiracy going on here... where the hell is mine?! July 21st??! what??!) - but due to other circumstances... he wasn't going to be able to share until tomorrow.  So, I figured - what the hell, I'll join.  Life will never be the same.

The people that joined in this google+ hangout had great insight into the PDF rules that WOTC posted.  We had a good discussion of various issues that, personally, I had debated with friends and wondered what the outside world thought.  You know what? I have a whole new appreciation for both D&D and the community.  There was fantastic (and might I add... wholly respectful) dialogue regarding 5e.  And this is why I love this community.

There is nothing quite like a D&D community member.  You might like 3e... you might like 1e... hell, I heard someone mention the original box edition (wasn't clear... redbox or bluebox?) - point being... we're all D&D players!  Rules be damned!  We grew up with this game; our children will play this game; we are D&D.... flavors of the month may come and go... in the end there is one thing for sure - those that stood against the forces of "Dark Dungeons" and those that have no idea what the F we're talking about.  You know what? In the end it doesn't matter - we won.  Numenera, GURPS, Rolemaster, D&D... and yes... even FATE and Dungeon World (not really... Otto has been hijacked by... [sorry, Citizen, that is beyond your clearance.]) and Paranoia... we won.  The debate these days is about what system is better! Hallelulla!  We won - RPGs... regardless of the flavor, are here to stay. Why? Because the community is awesome.  I want to thank everyone - CRPGer and RPGer alike - for being who they are  - a gamer!  You rule. And I am damn proud to be a part of this fantastic community.

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